About Us

Chula Engineering LTD. has been registered according to civil and commercial law processing be a legal entity Limited Partnership Type On April 8, 2008, with a registered capital of 20,000,000 baht (twenty million baht only).

limited partnership Shula Engineering is a general construction contracting company. including construction work, factories, building construction hotel construction Warehouse construction Construction of various types of tanks, including construction of steel tanks, stainless steel tanks, pipe work, system work, building structure work, demolition-demolition work, factory dismantling Machine platform construction General concrete work, power plant work, general industrial plant ethanol plant feed factory Biomass power plants and various machine installation work, welding, X-ray, welding, welding, mixing, operated by technicians. specialist with a plan to work The details of the work are closely supervised and supervised. Emphasis on safety at work The tools to work are complete. and employees in the company have passed the training course safety and courses, crane operators, signalers, material holders, operators, cranes, tower cranes, crane cars, etc.Read more +
Our Services
general construction work
Extension work,
Renovate the building
Landscape architecture
Building demolition and
Building structure cutting

Reference Project

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